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Spur Strap Buckles

Below are some examples of my spur strap / headstall buckles. Typical size openings for straps are 5/8" & 3/4" but since I cut all my own work by hand I can accommodate whatever size you need. Browse through the gallery to see past custom work and drop me a line and we can come up with something specific and custom made just for you.

Gal leg buckles, handamde western buckles, vintage buckle designs

Reference # 1

crossed pistols, six shooter, handmade buckles

Reference # 4

steer head buckle, headstall buckles, spur strap buckles, custom western buckle

Reference # 7

aces, card suits, western buckles, handmade headstall buckles, handmade  western spur strap buckles

Reference # 10

charging bull, spur strap buckles, handame spur strap buckles, western art, saddle hardware handmade, custom made buckles, spur straps, headstall buckles, handmade, customized, custom

Reference # 13

trucker girl, handmade headstall buckle, handmade spur strap buckle

Reference # 2

skull buckle, skull and flamaes. handmade spur strap buckle, handmade headstall buckles

Reference # 5

dogwood flower, Klapper style buckle, headstall buckles handmade

Reference # 3

engraved steel buckles, western bright cut engraving, spur strap buckles handmade

Reference # 6

cart buckle, western buckles, western bright cut engraving

Reference # 8

4 leaf clover, custom buckle, handmade western buckle

Reference # 11

handmade sur strap buckles, handmade headstall buckles, western, western art, custom made buckle, charing bull, matador

Reference # 14

handame western buckle, spur strap buckles, headstall buckles

Reference # 9

steer head buckles, western buckles, trophy buckles

Reference # 12

acorn, acorns, spur strap, spur strap buckles, headstall buckle, headstall buckles, western, western art, customized headstall buckle

Reference # 15

Below are some suggested buckle shapes but we have more to choose from too, or even one you like even better you've seen and want to have.

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