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Belt Buckles

Below are some examples of my 1-1/2" opening belt buckles. These are made for a 1-1/2" high belt, but since I cut all my own work by hand I can accommodate whatever size you need. Browse through the gallery to see these past custom works and drop me a line and we can come up with something specific and custom made just for you.

Catholic theme belt buckle

Reference # 1

Deer buckle, western buckle, trophy buckle

Reference # 4


Reference # 7

barbed wire, western buckle

Reference # 10

western belt buckle, handmade, custom made

Reference # 13

Texas wheqta, western belt buckle, hadmade belt buckle, western artist

Reference #16


Reference #19

Veterinary caduceus, vetrinarian, vet, handmade western belt buckle, handmade belt buckle, custom belt buckle

Reference #22

Western buckles

Reference # 2

cattle brand, handmade western belt buckle, custom buckles

Reference # 5

oil derrick, Texas A&M, Handmade western belt buckle

Reference # 8

Reference # 11

western belt buckle, windmill, western bright cut engraving

Reference # 14

Klapper, dogwood flower, custom belt buckle, western artist, handmade western belt buckle, handmade buckle
six guns, six shooter pistols

Reference #17

Texas, Texas state flag, western belt buckle, western bright cut engraving, western art

Reference #20

six shooter, pistol, vintage belt buckle, custom made belt buckle, belt buckles, belt buckles

Reference #23

chicken belt buckle, state of Texas, Western belt buckle, handmade belt buckle

Reference # 3

cotton, cotton boll, western belt buckle, handmade belt buckle

Reference # 6

hunting coon dog, hunting buckle

Reference # 9

wheat, handmade custom belt buckle, western, western art, cowboy, cowboy belt buckle,

Reference # 12


Reference # 15

Skull, skull and crossbones, western belt buckle, handmade belt buckle

Reference #18

western bright cut engraving, handmade western buckle, rancher buckle, handmade, western buckles

Reference #21

ear tag, custom made buckle, four leaf clover, belt buckle, handmade

Reference #24

My 1-1/2" belt buckles start at $275.00 and may go up from there depending on what's involved. Custom work is welcomed and highly encouraged. Together we can design and build a beautiful belt buckle based on your own ideas that is 100% customized to suite your needs and desires! 

Suggested Belt Buckle Shapes

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