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About Me

    I got started in metal working more than ten years ago after having been a potter for about 30 years. My passion for what I do is second to none and the thrill of not knowing what I'll be asked to make next never gets old! Handmade Western belt buckles are what I do the most of but just about anything we can get built.

    My work is skilled in various styles but I specialize in Western bright cut engraving. I was taught by the extremely talented Dianne Scalese at GRS in Emporia Kansas and will never stop learning-it's an awesome ride and I learned from the best.

    All pieces shown on my website are custom made items made for clients in the past. Each piece is made by myself entirely by hand with no pre bought or assembled parts. Use the pictures of my work as a guideline for inspiration to design your own custom-made piece. All I need are a few ideas and I take off with the rest. I'll create a digital colorized draft plan to show what the finished piece would look like. That give us a great opportunity to keep it as is, make any changes, and get it just right.

    After that I get right to work and usually my wait time is only a few weeks as this is my sole occupation and I can devote all of my work time to it. Over the years I've acquired all of the tools and skills to be the best I can be, and you can rest assured that my attention to detail and quality are first and foremost.

     My home workshop is entirely powered by an off grid solar system I designed and built so while I'm a blacksmith I'm also a greensmith :-) I'll be adding more pics as time goes by of my shop, the tools I use, maybe even some videos of me in action so you can share in the entire process and how I build something from the ground up that's completely customized based upon what you want. I never have anything made up in advance so it's always a one of a kind adventure to get you something completely unique that you had a hand in as much as I. 

    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me an email on my "Contact" page about anything you have in mind; together we'll come up with something one of a kind that will last a lifetime.

     Paul Kelleher
western engraving
Walker Turner Band Saw, blacksmith shop
western spurs, bull, bull sculpture, handmade western belt buckles
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