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Saddle Horn Knots

These are used to put a loop in the end of a rope to be able to go over the saddle horn to keep your rope there, so you don't lose it or have to dally after you rope something out in the pasture. They are also used in the arena by about every calf roper. The horn knots below were custom orders so we can work up just about anything you have in mind, or ask about having any of these made for you.

saddle horn knot, steer head, western

Steer Head

saddle horn knot, naked cowgirl, trucker girl

Naked Cowgirl

saddle horn knot, angel, saddle, western art, western, handmade


saddle horn knot, horn knot, handame, custom, flower

Copper Flower

saddle horn knot, horn knot, Gotcha Bitch, Handmade, western

Gotcha Bitch

gambling, tumbline dice, saddle, saddle horn knot, western art, western

Dice Pair

aces, poker, gambling, western art

Aces High

showgirl, handmade saddle, horn knot, saddle horn knot


initials, horn knot, hanmade saddle horn knot, western, western art, handmade, saddleware


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