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Below are samples of conchos I have made in the past. These are all 1-1/2" conchos but I cut my own work I can make them any size you need. If you want a particular design contact me and we'll make it happen. Backings can be loop back, Chicago skews, and saddle screws.

slotted concho, handmade conchos, Texas star, custom tack, custom conchos
trucker girl, angel, concho, western concho, handmade conchos, custom made conchos
trucker girl, concho, western conchos, hanmade conchos, custom conchos, she devil, western art, western tack
howling woof, wolf, moon, concho, handmade western tack, handmade conchos, western, western art

Loop Backing

Six Slotted Concho, Quadrant Panels Engraved in Western Bright Cut
Saddle conchos, western concho, handmade conchos, custom made conchos
slotted conchos, conchos, handmade western, custom saddle conchos, custom conchos, handmade conchos, cowboy, western art

1/4" Chicago ScrewBacking

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