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Saddle Horn Caps

Below are examples of horn caps made by customer requests. They range from 2", 2-1/2", and 3" in diameter. All of my work is cut by hand so yours can be any size and with your own ideas, or use these as a guideline. Click on any image for a larger view.

western saddle horn cap, hummingbird, morning glory

Reference # 1

western saddle horn cap, butterflies, hand made western

Reference # 5

western saddle horn cap, western, custom handmade

Reference # 9

western saddle horn cap, handmade custom western work, flower

Reference # 2

western horn cap, saddle horn cap, rose

Reference # 6

saddle horn cap, horn cap, ride boldly ride, mule rider, mule, mule horn cap, handmade western saddle horn cap, custom made horn cap

Reference # 10

western saddle horn cap, custom made saddle hardware

Reference # 3

western hprn cap, saddle horn cap, aces high, winning hand

Reference # 7

saddle horn cap, naked cowgirl, western art

Reference # 11

western saddle horn cap,six shooter pistols, handmade horn cap

Reference # 4

western saddle horn cap, ranch brand, western saddle

Reference # 8

Handmade, western, saddle horn cap, yellow rose of Texas

Reference # 12

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